Too Busy To Eat Well

Are you struggling to meal plan and get healthy food on the table?

  • Are you buying takeaways because you don’t want to cook every night of the week? 
  • Do you buy a lot of items from the supermarket on the spur of the moment, hoping you’ll get around to using it – but never do?
  • Is your pantry chaotic because you haven’t found the time, motivation or COURAGE to open those doors?
  • Is your kitchen used for everything BUT cooking?

If you struggle with one or all – we hear you – the struggle and pain is REAL! If this sounds like you, you are not alone!

In this guide developed by Home Economist Louise D’Allura you’ll be shown that it IS POSSIBLE to meal plan – you’ve just got to create a LITTLE bit of order – and do your thinking when you’re NOT stressed!

What does your meal planning time look like?

Too often we make it difficult – getting out ALL our cookbooks and spending way too long deciding what to cook! I don’t know about you but when I am tired I DON’T CARE what I eat. This can be disastrous though because this is when we reach for take away menus and blow our food budget!

When you know on certain days you will be dog tired, don’t be surprised by it – go with it and eliminate decisions by PLANNING WHAT you’ll eat – in a new way.

In this guide Louise encourages you to get in the habit of looking at your schedule first and foremost. This guide reveals how easy it is to get healthy, have more energy and feel great by getting back to basics and simplify dinner time, save dollars and all that mental energy tied up with solving the What’s for Dinner Challenge!

Included in this 32 page ebook you’ll discover:

  • The 6 steps to master when you want to eat well, but feel you’re too busy to cook healthy foods
  • How to identify and tackle the obstacles that will stop you in your tracks to eating better
  • If the food you are eating is healthy
  • How to get organised in the kitchen and in your pantry
  • How to organise your dinnertime recipes and
  • Master the Art of Creative Cooking to save you loads of time in the kitchen while eating a whole lot better.

Too Busy to Eat Well is available for immediate download as an ebook for $9.80.

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