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This is where we share our favourite meal planning resources to help you get organized for healthy eating and stop the struggle with solving the what’s for dinner challenge.


 Too Busy To Eat Well

This guide reveals how easy it is to get healthy, have more energy and feel great by getting back to basics and simplify dinner time, save dollars and all that mental energy tied up with Solving the What’s for Dinner Challenge!  More..

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Meal Planning Personality ® Guide

Complete the Meal Planning Personality® Quiz to see which Guide is for you.  Our 45 Page Meal Planning Personality ® Profile is your ultimate Guide to Solving the What’s for Dinner Challenge.  Click here to take the quiz.

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Additive Alert: Your Guide to Safer Shopping

Additive Alert BookAdditive Alert: Your Guide to Safer Shopping is the 148 page Australian Best Seller written by Perth Mum Julie Eady explains clearly and simply which food additives are linked to health problems and how easy it is to avoid them in your shopping. More..

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Mealtimes without Mayhem

mealtimes_without_mayhemMealtimes without Mayhem is the easy 160 page paperback written by mealtimes expert Jo Turner provides advice and support tools to make mealtimes an enjoyable bonding experience with long term benefits. More..

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Meal Planning for Low Additive Eating

This online self-paced program is perfect for busy women who want help to navigate the jungle that is food additives and feel more organised with meal planning.  More…

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Keep Calm and Meal Plan: Tea Towel

photo 2Get inspired in the kitchen with our custom designed tea towel!

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Need one on one help to learn how to meal plan, make healthy eating easy with a healthy kitchen makeover?  I’m a Home Economist and Additive Alert Community Talks Presenter and I deliver all these sessions via skype or in person, depending on your location.

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Get Organised for Weight Loss Online Program

Healthy EatingOne of the proven techniques for losing weight is getting organised. This program helps you shed light on the organising and thinking errors that are stopping you.  We kick the 4 week program off with a questionnaire and a one-on one consultation to get you in the right headspace.