Struggle with Meal Planning: A 4-part series of tips

March 17, 2017

onlinelearning​Are you like most of my clients who find that their struggles are:

a. Finding time to plan?

b. Making a shopping list?

c. Fitting cooking into my working week?

d. Coping with unscheduled changes that effect dinner time?

If you struggle with one or all – we hear you – the struggle and pain is REAL!  If this sounds like you, you are not alone!

I’ve pulled together this 4-part series of blog posts to remind you that it IS POSSIBLE  to meal plan – you’ve just got to create a LITTLE bit of order – and do your thinking when you’re NOT stressed!
Check out the links to each article below. If you want to dive deep – the guides in the shop – in these I suggest much more specific advice for how to approach this for your Meal Planning Personality®:
​1.  Finding time to plan Making a shopping list
4. Coping with unscheduled changes that effect dinner time
Good luck!
Louise xx

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