What’s in Our Food Wednesday

October 9, 2013

Take a look at what’s actually in the food you eat.

Pick one staple you eat each week and take a look at what’s in it.

Can you recognise the ingredients or do they look like a chemistry lesson?

As soon as you pick up a packet – ignore all the claims on the front!  Even if they say ‘contains no artificial colours or MSG’!  MSG (monosodium glutamate or 621) is only one of many flavour enhancers that can cause reactions.  Anecdotally we know that ‘natural’ colours, such as 160b (Annatto) and Carmines/ Cochineal (120) can cause behavioural problems in kids too.

As soon as you pick up a packet go straight to the ingredient list!!! 

Do the ingredients look familiar and what you’d expect if you made it from scratch?   Take a look at any numbers, or words you don’t recognise.  Food additives can be listed by the function they perform with a number, or by their name, so Colour (160b)/ (E160b) or as  Annatto.  There is a growing trend to write the ‘name’ of a food additive because the food industry knows we’re avoiding ‘the numbers’ and Annatto sounds much friendlier!

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To help you work out what they all mean download the Additive Alert App (it’s free!!).  As an Additive Alert Community Talks presenter this is one of the most handy tools I use when I go shopping.  There is no way I can remember all the numbers!!!
This simple mobile app is so easy to use. It allows you to search for Australian and New Zealand food additives – by number AND name!

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