Recipes to try in your new Thermomix

September 11, 2013

One of the things that everybody knows is buying a Thermomix is an investment!  It’s really quite fascinating though because people that own a Thermomix are almost evangelical about how much they love them!

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Now because I’m all about getting organised in the kitchen, I can see that although the Thermomix replaces lots of different appliances, there’s a certain amount of intimidation and not knowing where to start and how to start COOKING with it!?

So I turned to Jo Whitton the Queensland based food blogger behind Quirky Cooking!  Jo’s blog has been recognised as part of the Top 25 Food and Wellbeing Bloggers by Kidspot (, and is soon to be a published author of her own cook book!  (To find out more about Jo and her background and how the blog came to be click here).  Jo’s Quirky Cooking Blog really is a purveyor of awesome information on how to eat well for allergies and intolerances  – both with a Thermomix and without!

Quirky Cooking’s Top Recipes for Newbies

I recently interviewed Jo to get her tips on top recipes for newbies.  What intrigues me is that Jo tells me people that don’t cook actually love the Thermomix because it makes cooking so easy.  So I asked Jo to share what recipes she’d recommend people try out first.

Watch the Video above or read our interview summary below

Recipe to Try: Stock

Jo Recommends:  Generally, your consultant will make the stock with you when they deliver the Thermomix.  It’s used in most of the main meals and is a great alternative to buying some MSG-laden stock with all the colours and flavours.  But as everybody knows, a home-cooked stock tastes so much better, and you know what’s in it. The Thermomix stock is a paste or a concentrate so you only use a tablespoon per litre. It’s really handy to have in the fridge, lasts for months in the fridge and there’s no nasty stuff in it – it’s all natural.

This recipe has Jo’s chicken stock paste and a recipe to use it in!

Chicken & Brown Rice Soup:

Recipe to Try: Fried Rice

Jo Recommends: I generally try to cook something in the Varoma.  It is such a useful tool and it’s best to get straight into it.  I generally cook fried rice with them first.  You can use coconut milk and water. So like a coconut rice. Or you can use just water and stock if you’d rather. So that’s in the bottom of the bowl. Then you’ve got your rice in the internal basket so it’s sitting in there. And then, on the top, you’ve got your veggies and meat if you want meat in it. So you can have cubed chicken, prawns, bacon and whatever meat that you want in there. Plus, any chopped up veggies. Now, you can roughly chop them in the Thermomix first and chop them in there or you can slice them all pretty if you want to and put them in the lower tray of the Varoma, the big tray, altogether. Just make a hole in the middle. Then you put the tray on top, the Varoma tray with baking paper. Whisk up your eggs and pour them in and that’s where your omelet cooks. So you’ve got the rice, the meat, the veggies, the omelet all cooking at once and it takes about 20 minutes.  Then you just slice up the omelet, put it all together, add some soy sauce and there’s dinner. It’s so easy and feeds our six plus we have leftovers. And if you don’t want to use rice, you can use quinoa.  It cooks exactly the same way. There’s a lot of variations you can do.  But just start with something like fried rice.

This is Jo’s Fried Rice recipe:

Recipe to Try:  Meat and Veg with Mashed Potato

Jo Recommends:  I have on my website a way that you can make mashed potatoes with veggies and meat steaming on top. So you can do your mashed potatoes in the bottom, the veggies in the middle of the Varoma, and on the top your fish or your chicken. And so, that’s 20 to 25 minutes for your dinner.

This one of Jo’s Mashed Potato recipes:

Mashed potatoes are here again: Click here

Recipe to Try: Bread

Jo Recommends:  You can grind your own grains, add in your white flour to make it a bit lighter, then  your yeast, oil, salt and water. Mix it up for 6 seconds and there’s your dough. Knead it for a minute-and-a-half. Wrap it loosely in a silicon mat put it in a warm spot for 15 – 20 minutes. Make your rolls, put them on a tray then into a cold oven.  Turn the oven on, and in 20 minutes your rolls are done.  If you’re gluten-free, there’s a gluten-free bread recipe that we can help with. It’s really nice and simple with the Thermomix.

Recipe to Try: Sorbets/ fruit drink/ frozen fruit ice creams

Jo Recommends:  You don’t have to add sugar if you don’t want to. Just have all frozen fruit bits and egg white whipped up to make some really nice ice cream.

Recipe to Try: Custard

Jo Recommends:  Custards are great to start with because they only take 7 minutes and you put everything in the bowl and walk away. My kids make it so it’s very easy. I often tell people, for your first dish on your own, if you’re a bit scared, try custard.

This is Jo’s custard recipe:

To find more recipes check out Jo’s blog Quirky Cooking:

Use the search feature to type in an ingredient you have, or check out the ‘most popular’ blog posts – including Creamy Chicken and Brown Rice Soup, Fried Rice, Chicken and Cashews.

Be sure to check out Jo’s Menu Plans too:


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