Got the Thermomix L plates on? Tips for young players!

September 9, 2013

If you’ve been thinking about getting a Thermomix or you’re participating in the Thermomix giveaway I’m part of (CLICK HERE to enter), you need to know the pitfalls to avoid!  So for all things Thermomix, I turned to the lovely Jo Whitton – the Queensland based food blogger behind Quirky Cooking!

Jo’s Quirky Cooking Blog ( has been recognised as part of the Top 25 Food and Wellbeing Bloggers by Kidspot, and is soon to be a published author of her own cook book! (To find out more about Jo and her background and how the blog came to be click here).

Working in the meal planning, food additive, allergy and food intolerance space I often get asked questions about the  Thermomix. Clearly an awesome machine, it does, however, represent a new way of cooking with a few pitfalls for young players!

To help you get organised for when the Thermomix arrives so you can avoid those pitfalls, I recently interviewed Jo to get her tips for young players!

Watch the Video or read our interview summary below


Take Home Message: Make your Consultant your new BFF

Jo recommends: When you buy a Thermomix, make the most of that time with the consultant who delivers your new machine to shows you how to cook with it. Ask your consultant questions, get on the phone and ask them when you have trouble. Don’t just sit at home going, “Oh, I wish I knew what to do.”  The consultant is there to help you.  Get onto facebook too.  I think it’s important to understand how to start using the Varoma* straight away (*the steamer that sits on top of the Thermomix).  I use mine every day. If you have a large family or you like to cook enough for leftovers, or for work lunches or school lunches, you need to use your Varoma. It makes a lot of food!    I tell people find recipes with the Varoma that are simple to test out and ask your consultant.  I’ve got a whole list of them on the blog.

Take Home Message: Make Google your other BFF

Jo recommends: Get on Google, write “Thermomix” and whatever recipe you’re interested in and you’ll probably find it. If you’re wanting to know how to make a quiche, just search “Thermomix quiche”, if you want to know how to make a chocolate cake, search for “Thermomix chocolate cake.”  You’ll probably get to my blog with that search – I have about 200. I’m kind of addicted to chocolate!

Take Home Message: Take the training wheels off ASAP

Jo recommends:  Get stuck into it right away – make sure that you’re using your Thermomix every day. Don’t put it on the shelf or in the cupboard and say, “I’ll get to that” because you might not.  Find a recipe in the cookbook that comes with it that’s simple and easy, something that you would like, your family would like and start getting the hang of how the methods work.

Take Home Message: Rethink the steps in your recipes

Jo Recommends:  It’s a different way of cooking at first. It seems hard at first, but it’s not. It’s just you need to know the methods. For instance, let’s say you’ve got a recipe that’s got chopped nuts in it. You need to know that you might have to chop those first and put them aside, or if you’ve got one that’s got grains and you need to grind up the grains, you need to set that aside and then continue with the recipe. You might have to just juggle the order of the recipe.

Take Home Message: Go Easy Tiger!  Pick a lower speed and be careful not to overmix!

Jo Recommends:   Be really careful not to overchop.  Because the Thermomix is so powerful, it’s very easy to have soup instead of salad.  The first time I made the beetroot salad, I probably mixed it for 5 seconds instead of 3 and it was a dip, so I added some almonds and whisked it right up and we had a dip!   The first time I made coleslaw,  I ended up making it into soup!

I usually recommend chopping on Speed 4 when you’re new to the Thermomix because on Speed 4, everything kind of bounces into the middle, so you can take the cap off and watch to see when it’s ready. So instead of 3 seconds, the salad might take 10 or 15, so you’ve got a bit more time.

If you’re worried about making ‘mush’ see this blog post:

Take Home Message: Where’s the Flavour? You need to add it!

Jo Recommends: Sometimes, I get people who say, “Oh, I’ve made things in the Thermomix that just taste bland.” It’s like a saucepan on a stovetop. What you put into it is what you get out of it. You do need to put in the ingredients that you want to make it taste the way you want. So, if you like spicy food, add extra spices. I’m more into the spicy, rich foods. So I generally tweak the recipes in the everyday cookbook to make them spicier, richer and stronger in flavour. So it might say 50 grams of tomato paste and I add 100.

You can up the spices, up the tomato paste, up the stock if you need to, the stock concentrate to make it taste the way that your family likes.

But it’s really just like cooking in a saucepan on a stovetop. You don’t have to be scared of it. Anything you can do on the stovetop, you can do in the Thermomix bowl. Plus, it’s chopping for you. Plus, it’s stirring for you. Plus, you can walk away, and you can steam at the same time.


So from my conversation with Jo you can see it is a new way of cooking, but with Jo’s help it can be done!  

Thanks Jo!  Visit her blog: 

Don’t forget I’m part of a Thermomix giveaway and I want to make sure if you’re the lucky winner you’re all organised for it! (CLICK HERE to enter).

Louise xx

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Helene Meurer September 9, 2013 at 12:16 pm

Fabulous, helpful interview. I am SO pleased to see this because Jo is one of the best ambassadors for Thermomix not just in Australia but and in the whole world. Well done you two! Love the tip about “no chatting during the demos or you might miss something important” 😉


Meal Planning Your Way September 9, 2013 at 6:02 pm

Hey Helene
thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your feedback. I agree Jo is AWESOME – so lovely and down to earth and just all round LOVELY!!!
kindest regards
Louise 😉


Joanne T Ferguson September 9, 2013 at 8:11 pm

GREAT hints and tips! So much to learn, true!

I jumped into the Thermomix deep end after I made a couple of recipes that gave me initial confidence and have not looked back since too!
Cheers! Joanne


Meal Planning Your Way September 9, 2013 at 8:20 pm

Hey Joanne, thanks for taking the time to share your experience! So glad the interview was helpful. Jo’s a treasure isn’t she!!
Louise 😉


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