How to Meal Plan: Uncover Your Meal Planning Personality

November 28, 2012

Know thyself is one of the most well known quotes – and for good reason!  As soon as you stop fighting who you are, you can actually find your own recipe for order – yes we can even come up with a plan even when you don’t like to plan because you don’t know what you’ll feel like!

If you struggle to meal plan or find that you can’t stick with it, there’s a good chance that you’re not planning in line with your Meal Planning Personality. Meal planning is so much easier when you know your Meal Planning Personality because it means you know the key questions you need to ask yourself and how to set up your pantry, fridge and freezer to suit.

Want to know which personality you are? Take the quiz or read the summary below:

The Intuitive
You tend to make meal planning decisions at the last minute because you honestly don’t know what you’ll feel like. For you, your external plans are really important – as important as your stomach. You struggle with traditional meal planning systems because the thought of planning a week to a month out does your head in. Conforming to those systems just results in a lot of food waste.

The Architect
For you meal planning is a must have necessity of your life! You follow your meal plan religiously and love the stability it brings to your life. You know and your family knows what’s on the table tonight and next week because of your detailed meal plan. At a pinch, you’d be able to tell them what’s on the menu plan in three weeks. When you have your menus and meal plans sorted, life feels that little bit under control. Ok in one area at least!

The Supermarket Strategist
For you shopping is a sport! You love junk mail and pour over the food catalogues to work out what’s on the meal plan for the week. Anyone could ask you what’s on special and you’d be able to tell them prices and which store has the best deal. Because you love supermarkets and the ritual of meal planning, you need to keep check on how much you buy as you may find your guilty of a tad bit of food waste.

The Enthusiast!
You really want to plan your meal plans ahead and be super organised like the dependable and deliberate Architect, and you really do put it down on paper. Chances are you find that meal planning that way doesn’t work well because, if something happens, you need to change your plans – including your meal plan. You always keep an ear to the ground so you can be flexible to the demands and opportunities of life as it happens around you.

For more info check out the tools to help your plan in line with your Meal Planning Personality – click on the link to uncover  Your Meal Planning Personality!

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