How to Meal Plan: Using Theme Days to Get Organised for Healthy Eating

November 21, 2012


If you really want to get your meals on track why not try creating a theme for each day of the week to help you get focused!

Below I have shared the Meal Planning Your Way themes for each day of the week:

Monday’s Theme: Multi-tasking Meals Monday
The only time I approve of multi-tasking is when you’re cooking! On Multi-tasking Meals Monday think about the shortcuts you can take! Do you REALLY want to cook every night of the week?

What exciting sequels can you create with your leftovers? For example can you convert chicken Fajitas into an Asian Chicken Salad?



Tuesday’s Theme: Takeaway Tuesdays
No it’s not about eating takeaways! Takeaway Tuesday is all about cooking meals that are as quick to make as a takeaway but so much healthier






Wednesday’s Theme: What’s in Our Food Wednesday

Take a look at what’s actually in the food you eat. Pick one staple you eat each week and take a look at what’s in it. Can you recognise the ingredients or do they look like a chemistry lesson?






Thursday’s Theme: Take Stock Thursday
It’s almost the weekend which means it’s time to take stock and think about what’s happening over the weekend and, funnily enough do a stock take. Make sure you add what you need to your shopping list! Think about what you are running low on or what big batches can make over the weekend to stock up the freezer?





Friday’s Theme: Fresh Food Friday
Today is all about what’s in season! What is SO HOT RIGHT NOW in your household? As we spring into Spring I am loving: Asparagus; Lamb and Scallops!






Saturday’s Theme: Set it Up Saturday
Today is all about setting yourself up for the week ahead! Are you hitting the shops or markets today? What’s on your list to buy and whip up this weekend?

Remember staying fit and healthy has a lot to do with snacking on the right foods. Have you got a buffet of healthy options for the week ahead?



Sunday’s Theme: Share it Sunday
The real reason for a meal is to get together and share ☺ What lessons do you want to share today? Are there new family food habits you can create like helping to wash and chop vegetables or set the table?



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