What to do with Leftovers: Introducting the Revamps Philosophy

November 14, 2012

Mastering this meal planning strategy for leftovers will help you to spend less time in the kitchen, come up with easy dinner ideas and cook only a few nights a week.

Revamps as we like to call it (rather than leftovers), is a brilliant way to get on top of your weekly meal plan. The Revamps philosophy is all about transforming ‘leftovers’ from a boring re-run to an exciting sequel, without any extra work! Revamps make the best easy meals for dinner!

When you aren’t sure what to do with leftovers, follow these four principles to create a great Revamp:

  • Ingredients
  • Flavour
  • Cooking Method
  • Texture

What to do with Leftovers:  Revamps in Action
The best way to see how revamps really work is to see them in action! You’ll notice that we’ve got only three options noted for our chicken fajitas. We have used the principles in different ways to come up with easy dinner ideas.

Chicken Fajitas

Martin via Compfight

Leftover Chicken Fajitas – Revamped!

Chicken Fajitas – Asian Salad
We used the Revamp principles of flavour (using fish sauce, lime juice, sweet chilli sauce) and ingredients (using coriander, noodles, sprouts and cabbage) to convert Chicken Fajitas into an Asian Salad.

Chicken Fajitas – Laksa
In this example we used all the principles: cooking method (simmering using liquid), flavour (using coconut milk and laksa paste), texture (soup and vegetables are tender to bite) and ingredients (noodles, tofu, carrot, prawns) and convert it into a fabulous laksa.

Chicken Fajitas – Indian Chicken and Rocket Pizza
In this example we used all the principles: cooking method (oven baked), flavour (Indian Tomato Chutney/ curry paste for the pizza base) and ingredients (pizza base, cheese then once cooked, dress with rocket and drizzle with yoghurt) to convert it into a fresh and flavoursome gourmet pizza.

I hope these examples help to show just how easy it can be to solve the what’s for dinner challenge by converting our next night’s meal into an exciting sequel that takes very little time to prepare.  Our goal is always to find easy meals for dinner that show just how easy healthy eating can be!

What Revamps can you make from your favourite recipes?  Can you add them into your ‘meal plan’ that works for your Meal Planning Personality? I’d love to hear your ideas, so please leave your recipe ideas in the box below.

Louise xx


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