Meal Planning: The “Unconventional” Meal Planner is a Professional Meal Planner

September 2, 2012

Ok, so I am just going to say it – Yes I am a Professional Organiser, and a Home Economist and a Professional Meal Planner – AND I can’t cope with planning my meals in advance!  There I said it!

  • Does this mean I shop every day?
  • Does this mean I throw hundreds of dollars of food away?
  • Does this mean I starve?
  • Does this mean I am a fake?

No!  And do you know why?   Because I used my skills and experience as a Home Economist and Professional Organiser to develop strategies to help women just like me solve the what’s for dinner challenge by creating the Meal Planning Personality™ Profile so we can stop fighting who we are and STILL solve the What’s for Dinner Challenge!

Meal Planning PersonalityBecause I know my Meal Planning Personality™ is an Intuitive, it meant I could finally stop trying to be someone I am not, and I learned not be so hard on myself  –  I don’t have to try someone else’s approach, fail miserably and beat my self up!

As you read a little more about the personalities you’ll start to see that for my Meal Planning Personality™,  planning meals in advance before I know what I will FEEL like is impossible!

The only time I like to plan to the nth degree and well in advance is when we go camping.  Then it is a novelty – a hoot in fact because it is so foreign to me that I need to plan 6 meals a day!

Meal planning is so much easier when you know your Meal Planning Personality™ because it means you know the key questions you need to ask yourself and how to set up your pantry, fridge and freezer to suit.  If however  you struggle to meal plan or find that you can’t stick with a meal plan you’ve created, there’s a good chance that you’re not planning in line with your Meal Planning Personality™.

Want to know which personality you are?  Click here to find out!

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