What to choose for lunch?

July 11, 2012

What do you eatChoose foods that help you to maximise your energy throughout the day.  This will also help managing your body weight.  Here are some quick tips you might like to try!


  • Add beans or lentils to your salads and sandwiches — 3 bean mix is an easy choice!
  • Add a variety of vinegars (apple cider, balsamic, red wine, white wine) to your salads
  • falafel and salad
  • hummus with vegetables
  • Try different salads such as pasta salads, brown rice salads, chickpea salads, make sure there is some protein or seeds!


  • natural /plain yoghurts
  • avocado dip and pita bread chips
  • fruit – apples, pears, peaches, summer stone fruit
  • home made popcorn (watch the butter and salt!)

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