Stephanie Alexander kitchen garden program

July 4, 2012

Stephanie AlexanderThe evaluation report prepared by The University of Melbourne and Deakin University on The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program program, which operates in 139 schools around Australia to help primary schools set up a kitchen garden has heralded the program a great success!

The study found that children involved showed clear changes in attitude, knowledge, skills and confidence in relation to cooking and gardening.

Here are some of the key findings of the report:

  • A significant increase in children’s willingness to try new foods, with 39% of children reporting they would try new foods, compared with 26% at the start of the Program
  • 71% of children in participating schools reported they enjoyed cooking, compared with just 50% at non-participating schools
  • Children are not the only beneficiaries of the Program, with 41% of parents in the survey claiming their children asked them to cook food they had made at school
  • The Program was considered by teachers to be particularly effective in engaging ‘non-academic learners’.

Visit the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program Website to look at the Key Findings and Final Report on this fantastic program!!!

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